Condition of Street Children

Posted: 20/05/2011 in Uncategorized

Condition of Street Children

A story that I hope inspires us about how the current condition of street children …

This story is taken in a major city in Indonesia where there are many street children found in some corners. Did you know that in fact these street children have an organization that is clear and well structured? But it’s not that I will describe today, but more on how their condition when they are in the ‘shelter’ that is home for them.

When we see a group of street children who are ‘working’ in the summer and we set aside some wealth that we give to one of them, then them know you that a number of charity money that we were going to flow to a person who can we call the ‘father foster ‘which, although too subtle if these figures refer to’ foster father ‘because the nature of this caring father figure away from caring for and nurturing, as evidenced by the number of men who managed to escape from a lion in the cage. ‘Foster father’ this is who will manage the ‘financial’ them.

Structure and jobs description given to the street children also been arranged in a clear and focused. Take a look and try to observe the street children who wash ‘gold’ in the street, there must be one of those who play musical instruments while others sing, or if there is a figure of a beggar, then there will be two people in which one became a spokesman and others acted to draw pity from road users. What is clear, each person has the duty and responsibility of their own. Yah, although ultimately, the money they had managed a handful will go to management.

But we know that the treatment ‘management of street children’ was very apprehensive?. Maybe some of us already know  from news on television or in newspapers and scenes in several soap operas, but in fact the conditions depicted on television is an invisible condition and was caught by camera eye. Have we ever tried to dive into the hearts and feelings of these children? .

The fact revealed is that they often get unfair treatment from the ‘manager’ these street children. For example, in the provision of food rations alone, street children who served as a ‘singer’ would get fewer rations than those who ‘play music’, though both joined in one ‘show’, which managed the money they receive should also be submitted to the people the same time, they worked together, but why they can not get the same food rations?… Yah, although acknowledged that the ‘music player’ far have contributed in every ‘show’ that exists, and ‘the singer will not be able to perform solo without an instrument, but can not be denied that ever since the singer was’ show’ more lively and even money flowing more profusely.

Not just a matter of food, mentally as well as the treatment is, torture is also often faced away from the words fair. Although the name of torture it is totally away from the words of justice …
Whether there is a fair torture?.
Is not it?.

Let us imagine, if we become one of the street children who are treated less fairly than ‘the ruler’? .While they lived in the same house, work together, gave up everything to those obtained in the same street?. If things like this where street children can get the rest of the happiness that had been a lot missing from their lives?? ..

This story is purely fictitious, if there are similarities between the characters, properties and events is a matter of deliberate without intent to offend any party. And if there are parties who take offense and feel my writing is quite annoying, please change your attitude for what I write above is no longer offend you because I am just going to be writing a blank paper only.

Think about it !!!….


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