My Best Friend’s Death

Posted: 20/05/2011 in Uncategorized

My Best Friend’s Death

Earlier I entered elementary school, I sat beside a boy named Herdi. He’s a little shy and would not drive her away from the mother school. Because it’s the beginning of school and still small so it does not understand the existing conditions and unfamiliar with the new place.
I am too, which is also shy.
But after one week of school, we began to know each other and cool with new friends in our school.
And Herdi is close friends with me.
Each of us traveling together. Her best friend from my early elementary school. Until the end of graduation from elementary school we were always together.
But because at the time went to junior high school we parted. Because we went in a different school. I received at school that we are interested but he was not accepted because the test results that dont’s qualify.
Although different schools, we still communicate via telephone.
He was a good friend to me, where I talked and joked.
The ups and downs during our friendship very much. Never a time when my birthday was the 12th he came to my house and work with my mother made me cry because that’s what he wanted. Makes me cry because my mother scolded me for reasons that are made by Herdi.
hmm …. Upset me and then I was crying when he gave a cake and give a big teddy bear gift.
Happy because he really showed concern that he was a friend who can understand me and can make me happy.
But happiness and togetherness with him vanished when we sat on the bench class 1 Senior high school he suffered a motorcycle accident at the time would come to my house.
ArrivedĀ  at 7 pm my mother cried and called me that Herdi accident.
I still use clothes to bed immediately went to the hospital immediately, where he handled.
But at 9 pm bad news came out of the doctor who said that Herdi not be saved because of heavy bleeding in his head.
I could not resist the sadness and tears flowed continuously.
I lost my best friend. He’s death very reluctant to let go, but I have sincere because for the sake of his composure.
Until now I still remember the togetherness we had.
My best friend.
Memories only live teddy bear gift I always save.
Friendship dolls ….. yah,,, friendship dolls. True friend.

: ‘(


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