My Favorite Cartoon

Posted: 20/05/2011 in Uncategorized


I’ll tell you about my favorite cartoon. Namely doraemon.
I believe that most or even above 90 percent of Indonesia’s population and who knows what it Doraemon considering extraordinary success in this country .. Doraemon is a cat shaped robot from Century 22 which was sent to the 20th century to help Nobita Nobi, a young slacker 5th grade elementary school that cause it always failed the test in class, with advanced tools he had brought from the future through a magic bag of four dimensional in his stomach.

Doraemon also have another friend that is Suneo, Giant and Sesuka.
They are also a school friend of Nobita.
Doraemon, Nobita always provide assistance to complain because when Nobita get into trouble with his friend the Giant and Suneo ..
Movies doraemon are movie interesting because it offers many lessons and make the audience imagine what is told in the movies.
Doraemon movie that aired on television since childhood until senior Hight School, I never missed to watch ..
Until now my lecture even if there is still time I watch it ..
Doraemon is a legendary cartoon, because there has been little of my father’s era.
Indeed legendary is not it?.

In addition, as a children’s film that in fact does teach goodness, this film successfully convey the moral message of friendship to every character, no matter whether it was a robot or a human, and also emphasize how valuable and important a mother. All were presented with a bandage typical children’s drama enough to make me empathize with the character Nobita, Doraemon, and his friends.

From my childhood till now I still like the cartoon Doraemon. Until I’ve imagine what if I have a sophisticated robots like doraemon.
hehehe ….
How about you?.
And maybe we both liked the cartoon doraemon or you have another favorite cartoon character?.

That’s a quick story about my favorite cartoon character …

I hope my story is interesting…




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